DreamStone mission statement

DreamStone LLC, which we call “The DreamStoneProject” is a labor of love, and was designed as a vehicle to employ gifted and talented seasoned musicians, singers, songwriters, and entertainers of all types for clubs, casinos, concerts, and corporate events, special and private events.

In this ever-changing music industry, we know how challenging it can be for musicians to find work so we are here to help. DreamStone focuses on staying true to the live entertainment industry by employing and collaborating with some of the best experienced live musicians in the industry.

With DreamStone you will get gifted and talented performers, live vocalist, and real musicians, playing real instruments with little or no tracks. A completely live no track experience is our main vision.

DreamStone focuses on maintaining the true integrity of real musicianship whether you want to hire one or more musicians for you venue or event. For more information please feel free to tour our website.


Our Artists

Music is a gift and the art of combining vocal or instrumental sounds, for the beauty of form or emotional expression, in accordance to certain standards of rhythm, melody, and harmony. Music is a gift and an art that permeates every human society. It is this gift, the power of music, that has moved men for centuries and has been recognized in all cultures.




DreamStone Team



The gifts these group of entertainers have received are not their gifts alone, but God has given each of them there on individual gifts for the purpose of serving Him, and sharing with the spirits He has created. The artist is nothing without the gift, and the gift is nothing without the work.

Our site DreamStone is set up to help facilitate and connect you to gifted and talented vocalist and musician. Take the time to review the bio’s, photos and videos of these very gifted and passionate artist.They love what they do and well always provide the most memorable and professional experience that you can’t forget. If you like what you hear, see and feel, then please feel free to inquire and hire an Artist or group of Artist for your next event. Weddings, Private Parties, Corporate Events, Special Events, Concerts, various genre of music, Nothing too big or too small, you name it, The DreamStone Team can help you plan and put together your entertainment experience and needs.

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